Most of us like it when our turned artwork is appreciated! I think that is a fair statement whether the turning is art, or a functional item. And one category where is clearly applies is games.

Games are fun and functional items and since they are usually well used, we can easily considered that they are well appreciated! So, I for one think that turned games is a great item to make for friends, family and others!


Jumping Jacks PuzzleJumping Jacks Puzzle
By: Ian Salisbury
In this tutorial, Ian shows us how to make a fun puzzle for the kids. The six moving pieces of the puzzle are turned on the lathe and you can add your own level of creativity to their size and shape. This is a quick and easy project and the result is sure to be fun for the whole family.


Making a Board Game on the lathe - QuartoMaking a Board Game on the lathe - Quarto
By: Keith Larrett
In this photo tutorial, Keith Larrett shows us how to make the Quarto board game. In this project, Keith does more than just create the game board; he also creates the game pieces and the box to hold it all. The top of the box is the game board.

This is extremely clever and Keith's design could be applied to many other games!


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