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New and Hot Products from 2019

July 2019

New Assorted Cutter Kit

Saburrtooth has recently put together a new carving cutter kit. It includes four cutters with a 1/8" shank. The following tools are included:

  • 1/8" diameter long cylinder
  • 3/8" diameter rotosaw
  • 1/4" concave
  • 3/8" dovetail (with safe end)

The Assorted Kit comes in either fine grit (yellow-colored) or coarse grit (green-colored).

The list price is $61.00

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May 2019

Supreme Cutting Bits

Saburrtooth is preparing to release its newest category of turning bit, the Supreme. These cutting bits feature cutters in either 125 grit or 132 grit with 1/4" shanks. The new Supreme cutters come in the following shapes:

  • Ball Nose
  • Cylinder
  • Dove Tail
  • Flame
  • Rotosaw
  • Sphere
  • Taper

Since these cutters are expected to be popular and manufacturing is just ramping up, you can pre-order the bits at this time.

Prices start as low as $22.16 and vary based on the cutter, its shape, and grit.

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