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New and Hot Products from 2016

December 2016

Hunter Tool Carbide Cutter

Tim Yoder of Elbo Tool has announced that a Hunter Tool Carbide Cutter is now available for use on the Elbo Tool Hollowing system.

The Hunter carbide cutter removes wood at an incredible rate and is easy to control.  It was designed to work with the Elbo Tool standard clamping attachment. To install, simply remove the square Elbo cutter bar and insert the Hunter Tool Carbide Cutter in its place.

This replaceable # 2 Hunter Tool Carbide Cutter is inexpensive and will give you long tool life with outstanding finish cuts prior to any sanding operations. The Carbide Cutter never needs sharpening, just rotate the tool slightly before each use. When the cutter eventually grows duller, simply replace it with another cutter.

The List Price is: $69.00

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