Woodturning with Tim

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New and Hot Products from 2018

October 2018

3/16 inch Square Bar Cutter

Tim Yoder has just released a new, small cutter for his line of Elbo Hollowing Tools. The new cutter is based on a 3/16" square bar and comes with a custom clamp which screws right on to the existing tool bar.

This smaller cutter reduces chatter when hollowing at deeper depths and allows delicate hollowing on challenging materials. It also is very handy for thin walled hollowing as it takes a lighter 'bite'.

The cutter is made from 5% Cobalt High Speed Steel and is 3/16" x 3/16" x 2.5".

Cutter/clamp combo comes pre-shaped and sharpened.

Replacement cutters are available either un-shaped or sharpened.

The list price for the cutter/clamp assembly is $30.
The list price for replacement cutters is $6.
The list price for an extra 14" cutting bars is $30.

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January 2018

Elbo Lathe Extension for Short Bed and Mini Lathes

Finding a hollowing system for a short bed or mini lathe is very difficult. But now, Tim Yoder brings to market a mini-lathe extension enabling you to use the famous Elbo Tool on your mini-lathe. It also works for full size short bed lathes with swings up to 26 inches.

The Lathe Extension bolts to the bed of your lathe and provides an adjustable barrel mounted on a vertical shaft. The Elbo Tool bolts to this barrel allowing you to adjust for level on your lathe.

All the parts on this extension system are heavy-duty machined parts which are zinc-plated to resist rust. The Lathe Extension should fit most lathes with a conventional bed and gives a turner up to 10" more bed length for hollowing.

The price on the lathe extension is $99.00

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