Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers

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March 2019

New Bottlestopper Mandrels

Stainless Bottle Stoppers has just released four new universal mandrels. They have a self-tapping thread and two flats so that you can use a 1-1/16″ wrench for easy installation and uninstallation. The mandrels have a black oxide coating to resist rust.

The new sizes are:

  • 3/4″ x 16 TPI
  • 1 1/2" x 8 TPI
  • M30 x 3.5
  • M33 x 3.5

They come packaged with a screw on/off plastic washer which helps prevent wood getting stuck on the mandrel. The washer should be removed when threading the wood. The use of the washer is optional.

They are precision machined in the USA and run true to within .002″ of an inch.

The list price for any universal mandrel is $18.98 and they come with a free storage case.

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