Cindy Drozda

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New and Hot Products from 2018

March 2018

Box Scraper

We've all seen the beautiful boxes created by Cindy Drozda. Now she's helping us create better boxes by releasing a new box scraper. The tool is a negative rake scraper and it is her secret to straight sided, flat bottomed boxes! The rounded edge guides along the side of the box making a straight side that needs very little sanding, and the square end makes a flat bottom to your box. The tool can be used to make a square cornered box or to make a radius in the corner. This is a finishing tool, intended to be used after the inside of the box is roughed out with a more agressive tool.

The tool has a 1/2" diameter with round shank and is 9 1/2" in total length. It is made from 10V Steel and sold unhandled. It is made in the  USA.

The list price is $70.

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