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New and Hot Products from 2019

April 2019

New Spiral Master Update

The Spiral Master tool from Flute Master LLC has been updated. It now has three sprockets so that three different pitches can be cut with the same tool. The Spiral Master makes spiral cuts, both clockwise and counter clock-wise, on lathes from 12 to 25 inch capacities.

The assembly installs by its Morse Taper into the lathe and the other side holds a spindle fastened to the user’s chuck. As the Flute Master moves along the lathe bed, the turning is rotated by the Spiral Master, following the profile of the turning. Three sprockets provide 12.9 inch, 9.8 inch and 6.3 inch pitches.

The list price for the Spiral Master is $335.

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March 2019

Updated Flute Master

Flute Master has recently updated the Flute Master product. The newly updated tool features a wider base for greater control. In addition, the base now has a high temperature black oxide finish which looks great and will keep your tool looking good for a long time. There are no price changes when buying new Flute Masters with these exciting additions.

The Flute Masters features include the following:

  • Quick Setup Cut straight and curved profile flutes in one pass
  • Fits lathes from 10 to 25 inch diameter capacity
  • Control the depth of flutes and reeds by 2/1000 of an inch
  • Use any ¼ inch shank router bit profile
  • Index wheel, Index Wheel pin holder, stop blocks, and tool holder are included with the Flute Master
  • Use with Mastercarver, Foredom or Wecheer drill, or Ridgid or Trend palm routers
  • Drill into turnings at any angle

The list price for a Flute Master is $235.

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February 2019

Variable Pitch Tool

The Variable Pitch Tool was designed to cut variable pitch flutes on a wood lathe. As a variable pitch flute continues along the woodturning piece, the pitch becomes more and more vertical and produces an eye-pleasing and artistic appearance.

The Variable Pitch tool can be used on lathes of 14 to 25 inches in diameter.

The list price is $299.

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