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For advanced searching with mulitple words follow these instructions:

  1. Add a plus sign (+) before any search word if that word must be present in the video data for the video to be included in the results.
  2. Add a minus sign (-) before any search word to exclude videos that have that word in the data
  3. Surround multiple words with double quotes (“) to include videos that have that exact sequence of words in the data
  4. Otherwise all videos will be included if the data has an occurrence of any one of the search words


  • +bowl +elm = find all videos that mention both “bowl” and “elm”
  • bowl –elm = find all videos that mention bowl but don’t also mention “elm”
  • “bowl elm” = find all videos that mention the exact term “bowl elm”
  • bowl elm = find all videos that mention either “bowl” or “elm”


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