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Videos by Joabe Bomfim

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Vaso Borboletas woodturning.
442 views · November 14, 2018


Luneta para torno de madeira
620 views · November 03, 2018


Técnica do Segmentado
447 views · October 04, 2018


806 views · September 20, 2018


Ovo de pascoa - Easter egg woodturning
737 views · September 07, 2018


Magic Woodturner
744 views · September 02, 2018


O torneiro que calculava
849 views · August 30, 2018


Magic woodturning
1,334 views · August 26, 2018


Maltese Cross Woodturning
432 views · August 19, 2018


Placa para Torno de Madeira
48,643 views · October 22, 2016


Potes com tampa.
2,114 views · October 14, 2016


Esferas de madeira torneadas.
3,918 views · October 13, 2016


Encontro de Torneiros - Pomerode SC
1,727 views · October 08, 2015


Tutorial caixa flor - Woodturning floral box
1,018 views · October 07, 2015


Ferramentas de aço rápido para torno de madeira
13,105 views · August 29, 2015


Tributo ao mestre Valentim
1,269 views · August 21, 2015


O torno para madeira (o melhor que já fiz)
45,397 views · June 02, 2015


Algumas peças minhas
2,299 views · September 21, 2014


Mais uma goiva artesanal
20,710 views · July 19, 2014


Porta Ferramentas com excêntirco
86,779 views · June 07, 2014


Goivas 2: corte e desbaste do aço
14,551 views · May 17, 2014


Goivas 1: o cabo e a fixação da lâmina
15,760 views · May 11, 2014


Torno Job - video 2
65,909 views · December 15, 2013


Fazendo um torno - dicas
94,763 views · October 31, 2013


Fazendo um torno video 2
146,131 views · October 22, 2013


Fazendo um torno video1
125,405 views · October 13, 2013


Eixo excêntrico de baixo custo
13,719 views · July 04, 2013


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