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Videos by Lynn Lacey

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Designing A Segmented Pen Blank
789 views · March 01, 2019


Making A Disc Stylus Pen Blank
1,051 views · February 05, 2019


2018 Pen Swap Update
536 views · October 02, 2018


2018 LLWW Pen Swap
807 views · September 27, 2018


Pittsburgh Steelers Segmented Blank - Gisi Style
1,154 views · September 18, 2018


Segmented Blank for Magnetic Cap Roller Ball
1,070 views · August 27, 2018


2018 LLWW Pen Swap Announcement
662 views · July 24, 2018


New LED Shop Lighting - How To
775 views · July 16, 2018


Bespoke (Kitless) Cap - Part 1
1,176 views · February 02, 2018


How NOT To Turn a Closed End Pen
1,442 views · January 26, 2018


Photograph Your Pens on the Cheap
2,013 views · January 12, 2018


Paint the Tube or the Blank?
2,174 views · January 03, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving Day Shop Update
701 views · November 23, 2017


Segmented Black & Burl Beauty
1,741 views · November 21, 2017


2017 Pen Swap Wrap Up
683 views · November 07, 2017


I'm Back - Medical and Shop Update
970 views · October 26, 2017


Maple & Blue Matrix Segmented Blank - Salvaged
1,542 views · October 07, 2017


Bottle Cap to Ball Point
1,692 views · September 01, 2017


Casting Worthless Wood With RJB Woodturner
4,347 views · August 06, 2017


How I Paint Tubes and Pen Blanks
4,012 views · July 28, 2017


How To Cast a Pen Blank From Other Pen Blanks
1,658 views · July 04, 2017


2017 LLWW Pen Swap & Dust Collection Hack
644 views · June 29, 2017


Pen Swap Announcement & Shop Update
660 views · June 09, 2017


Cast this Pen Blank With Aluminum Shavings
1,283 views · May 25, 2017


Brick Blank BLUNDER!
1,017 views · May 06, 2017


How I Drill An Antler Pen Blank
2,687 views · April 23, 2017


Thin Blue Line Pen - Back the Blue
1,606 views · April 09, 2017


Aluminum Pen With a Special Finish
1,136 views · March 20, 2017


How I Made A Snake Eye Segemented Blank
7,476 views · February 11, 2017


Making The 2 MM Pencil
2,121 views · December 01, 2016


How To Use Multiple Materials in Pen Segmentation
6,956 views · November 15, 2016


How I Square a Pen Blank
18,658 views · November 10, 2016


45 Degree Segmented 'Dark Matters' Pen Blank
8,477 views · November 05, 2016


Segmented Pen Blank Followup and Shop Update
931 views · October 13, 2016


How To Make A ' X' Segmented Pen Blank
7,804 views · October 01, 2016


'V' Segmented Pen Blank - Epic Fail!
4,126 views · September 16, 2016


My Firsst Celtic Knot
1,266 views · August 30, 2016


How To Disassemble A Pen
3,720 views · August 09, 2016


What To Do With Pen Blank Cut Offs?
12,155 views · August 02, 2016


LLWW 2016 Pen Swap Conclusion
433 views · July 15, 2016


LLWW 2016 Pen Swap
1,274 views · June 16, 2016


How to Make a 45 Degree Segmented Pen Blank
16,795 views · June 05, 2016


Persistence In Pen Making
929 views · May 14, 2016


How To Make A Segmented Scalloped Pen Blank
27,358 views · April 17, 2016


American Patriot Pen Kit Review - PSI
1,060 views · April 10, 2016


How To Make a Segmenting Sled Part 2
5,513 views · March 26, 2016


How To Make a Pen Blank Segmenting Sled Part 1
9,128 views · March 26, 2016


How to Make a Custom Finial
4,694 views · February 22, 2016


Pen Makers Canvas Part 2 - Aluminum Rod Accents
6,853 views · February 14, 2016


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