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Videos by Darrell Feltmate

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3,384 views · February 13, 2012


Remounting the Natural Edged Bowl
22,236 views · April 14, 2008


Natural Edged Bowl (6) Bottom Roughing
21,463 views · February 18, 2008


Natural Edged Bowl (5) Inside Roughing
27,730 views · January 30, 2008


Natural Edged Bowl (4) Outside (3)Refine Curve
17,211 views · January 18, 2008


Natural Edged Bowl (3) Outside (2)
18,249 views · January 15, 2008


Natural Edged Bowl (2) Outside (1)
30,747 views · January 12, 2008


Natural Edged Bowl (1) Mounting
75,020 views · January 09, 2008


Roughing a Bowl (8) the inside part b
21,452 views · December 04, 2007


Roughing a Bowl (7) the inside part a
26,249 views · December 03, 2007


Roughing a Bowl (6) the outside
21,433 views · November 29, 2007


Roughing a Bowl (5) Mounting on the Lathe
18,080 views · November 27, 2007


Roughing a Bowl (4) Cutting the Corners
25,345 views · November 25, 2007


Bowl Sanding - Inside
9,920 views · November 24, 2007


Bowl Sanding - Outside
5,364 views · November 24, 2007


Roughing a Bowl (3) Marking Out
12,020 views · November 22, 2007


Roughing a Bowl (2) Ripping the Blanks
24,288 views · November 21, 2007


Roughing a Bowl (1) cutting the log to length
21,802 views · November 20, 2007


Icicle Christmas Ornament -Drilling and Hanging
8,411 views · November 15, 2007


Icicle Christmas Ornament - the Head
37,728 views · November 13, 2007


Icicle Christmas Ornament - Mounting and Roughing
8,964 views · November 12, 2007


Icicle Christmas Ornament - Shaping
9,971 views · November 12, 2007


Turning a European Style Pen (5) Finishing
13,203 views · November 08, 2007


Turning a European Style Pen (4) Sanding
10,125 views · November 08, 2007


Turning a European Style Pen (2) Finish Turning
13,004 views · November 08, 2007


Turning a European Style Pen (1) Roughing
18,316 views · November 08, 2007


Wood Turning: Wooden Spoon (3) Roughing the Shaft
23,555 views · September 17, 2007


Wood Turning: Wooden Spoon (2) Mounting in the Chuck
26,105 views · September 17, 2007


Sharpening Oland Woodturning Tools
3,637 views · September 12, 2007


Wood Turning: Wooden Spoon (1) Mounting
44,327 views · September 11, 2007


Using a Roughing Gouge
11,775 views · August 09, 2007


Wood for Spindle Turning
11,784 views · August 06, 2007


Cutting Endgrain: Homemade Hook Tool
56,242 views · July 31, 2007


Roughing with the Oland Tool
91,236 views · July 20, 2007


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