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shellac and friction polish
By: earl's small segment shop
December 06, 2017 · 745 views

using shellac and friction polish


Shellac Polish Mixing Guide (Metric)
By: CL Woodturning
November 21, 2017 · 92 views


How to Make and Apply your own Friction Polish - Woodturning- Oak Bowl- DIY
By: Stelios The Greek
October 08, 2017 · 1,346 views

This video is my demonstration on how to turn a small oak bowl and finish it with a high gloss friction polish. Friction polish creates a gorgeous glass like finish on many different wood turning and wood working surfaces. It is easy to make and store in your shop. To make your own friction polish you will need to mix equal parts: Denatured Alcohol: http://amzn.to/2gls00e Boiled Linseed Oil: http://amzn.to/2wFVwUt Clear Shellac: http://amzn.to/2gjrmQG Mix and then apply friction polish using a towel. Store the mixture in a clear container and mark the fill line before storage. Alcohol evaporates quickly. By marking the fill line on your bottle, you can easily gauge how much alcohol has evaporated during storage. You can then add in the appropriate amount of alcohol to maintain the proper ratio. This is a great DIY project for any beginner or pro woodturner.


Modified OB shine juice great finish by Al Furtado
By: Rebel Turner
September 04, 2017 · 8,089 views

Platter with modified OB shine juice formula Experimenting with finishes I came up with a formula that is bound to be amongst your favorite selection of finishes. alfurtao@rebelturner.com https://www.facebook.com/TheRebelTurner http://yorkshire-grit.com/product-page/ https... This is an older video just released Share the love Share the knowledge Share the passion Thank you


How To Apply OB's Shine Juice
By: Braxton Wirthlin
February 07, 2017 · 4,126 views

Here's a realtime video on how to apply my favorite finish for turning OB's Shine Juice. It mixes up quick, goes on fast, and gives beautiful results. If you'd like to see how I mix it up I have a video on that as well. For more info please visit www.braxtonwirthlin.com How to Mix OB's Shine Juice - https://youtu.be/sVn5cCyXrE4 Captain Eddie's channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/capneddie braxton@timbermfg.com www.braxtonwirthlin.com Instagram - https://instagram.com/bwirthlin/ twitter - https://twitter.com/bwirthlin facebook - https://www.facebook.com/timbermanufa... Snapchat - braxtonwirthlin


Wood turning Shine on a Dime by Al Furtado
By: Rebel Turner
February 05, 2017 · 6,341 views

Shine on a dime, I show the luster you can achieve on your wood turning that is almost full proof and not break your wallet. The lathe is a tool that you can spend a lot of money on accessories but in my channel you will find that you can achieve your goals with the most basic tools. In this video I also show that you can turn the whole thing with just a roughing gouge (outside only) Inside hollowing will need a bowl gouge and a shop made hollowing tool.


OB shine juice amazing finish by Al Furtado
By: Rebel Turner
January 03, 2017 · 5,188 views

I shortened this video because of the annoying Whining noise I was getting off my VFD before I had adjusted the parameters that silenced It. Please excuse the WHINING NOISE. It has been fixed for future video enjoyment. I used this test and focused on my favorite finish OB shine juice. The results speak for themselves. Like/share


#262 Shining
By: Cap'n Eddie Castelin
October 18, 2016 · 15,611 views

Big Guy Productions and Capt. Eddie Castelin are at it again. Contact Cap'n Eddie at capneddiecastelin@gmail.com or www.eddiecastelin.com


Philippe's Shine juice recipe.
By: LivingArtsCo
September 01, 2016 · 706 views

10% blo, 40% denatured alcohol, 50% shellac. This will built a finish quicker than the OB Shine juice, more durable. The problem I had with Capt Eddie's OB juice was that often a film of blo would remain on the surface fooling me with nice Shine that would disappear over time. My recipe ensures that the Shine you see will last. Proven and tested. Thanks to Carl Jacobson, Capt Eddie and so many others for their insights. Time for me to share as well. Try this juice and please post comments on your results.


Friction Polish
By: Maple-Crossing Woodworks
August 06, 2016 · 263 views

Application of a Friction Polish to a bottle stopper.


Wood Turners Super Shine Polish
By: Living Wood Creations -wood turning videos-
June 10, 2016 · 2,271 views

1/3 clear shellac 1/3 boiled linseed oil 1/3 denatured alcohol


By: TheDoctorswoodshop
April 17, 2016 · 2,486 views

Use of High Build Friction Polish for pieces between center and for bowls.


How to Make and Apply Your Own Friction Polish
By: Dave's Woodshop
February 25, 2016 · 6,337 views

In this video I explain what friction polish is, demonstrate how to make your own from scratch, and finally show how to apply it to your woodturnings.


Use and Abuse of Friction Polish
By: RickTurns
December 17, 2015 · 40,170 views

How to use friction polish, and how not to use friction polish. What lathe speed is best for applying friction polish? Should it be put on heavily or lightly? Does fine sanding make a difference when using friction polish? Should friction polish be applied while the lathe is running or stopped? Can it be applied during a zombie attack?


Friction Polish Experiment 'Joel Brûlée'
By: Joel Green Studios
December 11, 2015 · 1,133 views

While using a friction polish on a ice cream scoop handle I decided to run a little experiment with a creme brûlée torch


An Absolutely Positively Food-safe Friction Polish
By: RickTurns
December 05, 2015 · 4,427 views

Here is how to make your own guaranteed food-safe friction polish! Links mentioned in the video: Tried and True Danish Oil http://www.triedandtruewoodfinish.com/products/ Dapwood Linseed Oil http://www.dapwood.com/linseed-oil/ A guide to tung oil http://www.woodcentral.com/russ/finish6.shtml Real Milk Paint Pure Tung Oil http://www.realmilkpaint.com/products/oils/tung-oil-wood-finishes


Friction Polish Exposà ! Secrets Revealed!
By: RickTurns
December 02, 2015 · 59,221 views

In this video about friction polish, I discuss what friction polish is and how to make it, including the components of friction polish, their safety, and the overall food safety of friction polish. For additional information on the harvesting of shellac, follow this link: http://www.shellacfinishes.com/introduction/ For a very good article on friction polish (Shellawax specifically), follow this link: http://bit.ly/1jyXRJb


Woodturning Poll Results - Friction Polish
By: RickTurns
November 21, 2015 · 2,537 views

The results of my woodturning poll on friction polish are in! Here are a few links relevant to friction polish: A PDF on using friction polish, particularly Shellawax: http://bit.ly/1SPRzRw Cap'n Eddie's video on OB Shine Juice: http://bit.ly/1QAsV9y A link to my playlist of YouTube videos about friction polishing: http://bit.ly/1O8Snld An additional note about boiled linseed oil: After posting the video, one turner cautioned me that almost all boiled linseed oil products have metallic additives to enhance drying. It is, however, still considered food safe. After wandering the Internet for a while, I found that pure boiled linseed oil (no additives) is rather scarce. There is one product (Tried and True Danish Oil) which is polymerized and has no additives, according to the manufacturer. Woodcraft (online) carries this.


Turning Poll - Do You Use A Friction Polish
By: RickTurns
November 10, 2015 · 859 views

Woodturning poll! Do you use a friction polish on some of your woodturnings? I'd really like to know!


Friction Polish Formula
By: Daniel Vilarino
March 01, 2015 · 3,640 views

Hola/Hi! En este video, muestro como preparar el pulimento a fricción que uso en muchos de mis proyectos. ***In this video, I show how to prepare the friction polish I use in many of my projects.*** Esta es una fórmula que saqué de un video de Capt'n Eddie Castelin. ***This is a formula that I got from a video uploaded by Capt'n Eddie Castelin.*** La fórmula consiste de: 1/3 alcohol desnaturalizado 1/3 aceite de linaza hervido 1/3 shellac trasparente ***The formula is: 1/3 denatured alcohol 1/3 boiled linseed oil 1/3 clear shellac*** Este video está dedicado a Capt'n Eddie, quien ha estad


Cap'n Eddie Shine Juice and Shout out to Yuval Lahav
By: Adze Woodturning
February 09, 2015 · 999 views

In honor of Cap'n Eddie Castelin I made some shine juice and applied to Black Walnut and Wild Cherry Bowls. Just wanted to let Cap'n know he's missed.


How to mix OB's Shine Juice
By: Braxton Wirthlin
January 03, 2015 · 5,411 views

O.b.'s shine juice 1 part boiled linseed oil 1 part denatured alcohol 1 part Zinsser's Bulls Eye Clear Shellack Mix well and store in a bell/mason jar. As you can see in the video, I used a very scientific method of determining that the parts I mixed were exactly equal. Not many people have access to the specific measuring device I used (a spray paint cap), but I'm sure you'll be able to find something just as accurate. The first time I mixed up shine juice and used it I became a huge fan. This finish is very easy to apply, both on the lathe and as a wipe on finish. I'll post an applicatio


#44 Pulimento de friccion - Friction polish (resubido)
By: Miguel Sanchez
October 23, 2013 · 52,753 views

Aqui teneis la mezcla que utilizo hecha para que no tengais problemas en mezclar los componentes, da un acabado facil, rapido y muy vistoso. Espero que os guste. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id 1181903663 http://www.tornoartesano.es miguel@tornoartesano.es


# 164 Friction Polish
By: Cap'n Eddie Castelin
April 21, 2013 · 113,011 views

Big Guy Productions and Capt. Eddie Castelin are at it again. Contact Cap'n Eddie at eddiecastelin@cox.net or www.eddiecastelin.com


#89 O.B. Shine Juice
By: Cap'n Eddie Castelin
July 16, 2011 · 104,460 views

How to mix and use a great finish for almost any project. Simple formula with three ingredients.


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