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Tannenbaum Drechseln
By: Marcus K.
January 27, 2019 · 65 views

Tannenbaum Drechseln


க ற ஸ த மஸ மரம making a Christmas tree 2018
By: SivaPrakash
December 23, 2018 · 39 views

இந த வ ட ய வ ல க ற ஸ த மஸ மரம ச ய வத க ட டப பட ட ள ளத . Please do not skip the video and please leave a like , comment and subscribe . thank you.


A RickTurns Cautionary Tale
By: RickTurns
December 22, 2018 · 7,989 views

Cautionary tale, as in 'don't do this!'. Oh yeah, and some small Christmas trees are turned to decorate a bowl. The music during the close of the video, 'Happy Little Elves' by Audionautix, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com


Woodturning an Inside Out Christmas Tree Ornament with Suspended Snowman
By: Nathan Cumming
December 21, 2018 · 802 views

In this video I turn my first Inside Out woodturning project, a Christmas Tree Ornament with a Snowman suspended inside. The main turning is made from 4 pieces of Padauk each 30x30x160, and the finial and Snowman are turned from Spalted Norwegian Maple. Thank you to all my Subscribers for your continued support. If you're new to my channel please take the time to look at my other videos and consider Subscribing for more content. Thanks for watching


Woodturning the LED Christmas Tree Ornament
By: Ben's Worx
December 19, 2018 · 2,331 views

On this Episode of Ben's worx I make a Christmas tree on the wood lathe using silver ash and Led light's, I finished it with danish oil GET 10% OFF ARTCAST RESIN AND ALL PIGMENTS I USE, USE CODE BENSWORX AT https://www.justresin.com.au Want to send me something? send it to: BENSWORX PO BOX 3318 LOGANHOLME 4129 QLD Australia If you would like to use the same resin and pastes i use in my videos go check out: https://www.justresin.com.au The lathe i use: https://www.machineryhouse.com.au/W385 If you would like to purchase any of my pendants you can buy them here: https://www.ebay.com ju


Woodturning - Yew Log to Christmas Tree
By: Mike Waldt
December 18, 2018 · 5,531 views

Paul Hadley Centre Finder link: https://clearviewdesign.co.uk/collections/woodworking-collection/products/woodturners-large-centre-finder-16-diameter?fbclid IwAR1H3He0uAfBwN8EP-Mt3qBRuNjUXDYVeriFDsIUP8lyTLXlnXMtkFVHQd4 Simon Hope: http://www.hopewoodturning.co.uk/ Yorkshire Grit: http://yorkshire-grit.com/ Hampshire Sheen: http://www.hampshiresheen.com/ Easy Wood Tools: http://www.easywoodtools.com/ Easy Wood Tools at Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Easy-Wood-Tools-Chuck-M33-3-5/dp/B07664VKFB/ref lp_8318174031_1_13?srs 8318174031&ie UTF8&qid 1529428204&sr 8-13 UKIWS Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ukiws/ Website: http://www.ukiws.co.uk


A 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' Project from ARC Wood Craft!!!!
By: ARC Wood Craft
December 16, 2018 · 91 views

ARC Wood Craft HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!! The Christmas table needed something to tie it all in together so that when the 17 odd of us sit down to the best meal of the year, there is a nice piece to look at! Really enjoyed making this one, kept it rough and rustic and it looks great center stage on the Wife's immaculately laid table!! Please check out my Facebook page where I post my work regularly - www.facebook.com/arcwoodcraft INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/arcwoodcraft TWITTER - #ARCWoodCraft1 *Send me a message if there is anything you'd like commissioned and we can work together to


Christmas Tree Ornament
By: Jason Rodocker
December 13, 2018 · 27 views

I made a little Christmas tree for a little Christmas tree! Merry Christmas. Thank you to all my new subscribers and all my old ones too! Wood working can be dangerous, be safe in your shop. This video is for entertainment purposes only.


Wood Turning: Making a Christmas Tree Ornament
By: Turning Round
December 10, 2018 · 549 views

In this Wood Turning video I am making a Christmas Tree Ornament. It is actually a Christmas Tree. It is a small tree standing tree that is about 6 inches tall and about 2 inches in diameter. I am turning it on a Jet 1642 wood lathe. Please Subscribe to my other channel I need some help to Keep that Channel going. My second Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RedJeepClub My main Wood Turning channel https://www.youtube.com/TurningRound My Website: http://turninground.biz/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/turninground


Christmas Ornament from a Christmas Tree
By: Peaceful Woodturner
December 07, 2018 · 57 views

I made this ornament from a Christmas tree. This is the second of three videos making Christmas decorations from a discarded Christmas tree. Thank you for joining me on The Peaceful Woodturner. Please let me know what you think in the comments. I appreciate all of the feedback. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! Remember, my mistakes are my own, don’t make them yours. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeacefulWoodturner/ Twitter: @WoodturnerPeace


Woodturning a Christmas Tree
By: PF Woodturning
December 07, 2018 · 840 views

'Tis the season! See how I turned a small Christmas Tree on the lathe. Thanks for visiting my channel. I share project videos on woodturning. Often, I used other materials with wood as well, such as resin, paint, dye, and milliput (kind of like clay). If you haven't already, please consider subscribing. I upload a new video each week. https://amzn.to/2udyftw More ways to follow PF Woodturning: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pfwoodturning/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pfwoodturning/ Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/pfwoodturningco *******************************************


12 Days of Tree Ornaments - Day 6 Christmas Trees - Episode 163
By: Paul Lockwood
December 05, 2018 · 355 views

A mini series of small videos making small tree ornaments for the festive season. Hopefully this will inspire you to go and make one. Day 1 - Baubles https://youtu.be/QkOgnmEoN0Q Day 2 - Bird Houses https://youtu.be/lOGM9gp2_M8 Day 3 - Bells https://youtu.be/NZYIiGsgQlA Day 4 - Crackers https://youtu.be/1WeVIK77Wis Day 5 - Snowmen https://youtu.be/qavSZu9hYZE Day 6 - Christmas Trees https://youtu.be/TJd1xP1aKAA Day 7 - Bottles https://youtu.be/g0QtX1TRoVs Day 8 - Lighthouses https://youtu.be/3nykJ7ldQwQ Day 9 - Angels https://youtu.be/d3cpAOTvXQ8 Day 10 - Fairy Lights https://youtu.be/rbelz3l


woodturning - a funkadelic christmas log tree
By: Nick Zammeti
November 21, 2018 · 61,796 views

Nick Zammeti/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nickzammeti My Kit i use in my videos https://kit.com/nickzammeti Makers Central 2019 https://www.makerscentral.co.uk/HOME The Music I use in my video's http://share.epidemicsound.com/qdj62 Nick Zammeti Personal Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zammeti My Website http://www.nickzammeti.co.uk Charlie The Maker (My Son's Channel) https://goo.gl/kSViJv The Epoxy Art Resin I Use http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/aktiniumltd http://www.resin4art.com/ Come follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/nickzammeti Ch


Christmas tree woodturning
By: Scary Catches
November 17, 2018 · 121 views

Tree made of birch,using a homemade 'Skew' and a roughing gouge.


Dave Landers - Forest of Trees - Ring Turning
By: Rocky Mountain Woodturners
November 11, 2018 · 2,827 views

Dave Landers presents Forest of Trees - Ring Turning to the Rocky Mountain Woodturners on November 6, 2018. Dave shows the technique of ring turning to form a tree shape. A profile is turned on two pieces of wood, glues them together, cuts the outer profile on both side then slices the individual trees from the ring.


Christmas tree
By: Wayne the Woodturner
September 28, 2018 · 687 views

A Christmas tree made from Ash, 4.5' tall x 2'dia. finished using Intrinsic colours and acrylic paint. A nice quick turn for Christmas gifts or fairs


Gold Country Woodturners - William Swingle - Christmas Tree Demo
By: Gold Country Woodturners
September 28, 2018 · 58 views

William demonstrates how to turn a branch into a tree! Demo originally happened on Sep 26 2018 at the Gold Country Woodturners meeting in Nevada City, CA http://www.goldturners.org


How to turn a wood piece into Christmas tree 2018 turning process
By: SivaPrakash
July 01, 2018 · 127 views

in this video i made a wooden tree by turning process. I have used a home made turning machine . I used very basic tools like blades in making this tree. I haven't used tools like chisels , or chain saw and so. you can aslo see some of my videos at.. https://youtu.be/E-f-owbXR2M https://youtu.be/AtGI444XcPA THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO. please do like , comment, and SUBSCRIBE my channel. THANK YOU.


43 - Large Bowl from Jacaranda Tree
By: Bill Rockwood
January 19, 2018 · 714 views

I turn Jacaranda wood for the first time, making a fruit bowl. I also find a great new smock from a helpful vendor in the UK. Family friendly, no ads.


Making Solid Wood Holiday (meta) Tree Decoration - Art Market Projects
By: wortheffort
December 29, 2017 · 23,909 views

Make some profitable decorative trees from solid wood this holiday season. Tips and Techniques for speed, design, and tool usage on the lathe throughout. ---------------------------------------------------------- We depend upon patrons like you to fund our channel. It's the time away from 'real work' that is our biggest expense. So if you feel these videos and series are of value to you and others please consider shopping and patronizing these sites: - http://wortheffort.com - http://wortheffort.com/store - http://instagram.com/wortheffort_ww - http://twitter.com/wortheffort_sg - http://facebook.com/wortheffort - http://patreon.com/wortheffort


XMas Tree # 110
By: The Wood Whirler
December 20, 2017 · 870 views

A epoxy and gum ball Xmas tree


Wood turning - Lets turn Christmas tree ornament with captive ring!
By: CraftWithAfshin
December 18, 2017 · 709 views

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having fantastic day/night today i decided to turn a Christmas tree ornament with a inlay brass wire captive ring, it was long process but fun :) thank you all for watching i hope you like it!


A Cast-Resin Christmas Tree
By: RickTurns
December 14, 2017 · 6,361 views

What could be more Christmas-y than a Christmas tree turned from casting resin? Well, yes, there are a few things, but maybe not in the woodturning world. Although perhaps if I were drinking egg-nog while I was turning the resin tree, that would do it.


Mini Christmas tree Christmas Tree Ornament - making ornaments
By: Wood Frontier
December 01, 2017 · 333 views

I woodturned a Christmas tree Christmas tree ornament. This wooden ornament was turned for the 2017 Ornament Challenge hosted by Allan Stratton and Carl Jacobson. Thanks for running it guys. Right at the beginning of the project I had some lathe malfunction issues that I had to clean up. It really sapped the morale out of things. Finally, by the end I was just focused and in the zone to really get on with the project. I mostly used the skew chisel. I love that thing. Thanks for watching Please Subscribe: http://www.woodfrontier.com FairyTale Waltz by Kevin MacLeod is licens


spalted Christmas tree
By: Rons Woodturning shop
December 01, 2017 · 224 views

Very punky wood but at least to keep it from the burn pit!


Family Christmas Project - Recycling Last Year's Tree
By: Gunflint Designs
December 01, 2017 · 9,678 views

I decided to recycle our tree from last Christmas by saving the log and turning it into a new Christmas decoration. My Website: http://www.gunflintdesigns.com My Amazon Shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/gunflintdesigns Instagram: @gunflintdesigns: https://www.instagram.com/gunflintdesigns/ Belt Sander Sharpening Jig Video: https://youtu.be/3jIVxS4Dbe0


Is There a Christmas Tree Inside that Aluminum Ingot?
By: RickTurns
November 28, 2017 · 3,449 views

Nothing says 'Christmas' like an artificial Christmas tree!!!! The music during the close of the video, Happy Little Elves by Audionautix, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com


Woodturning with Tim Yoder Classics-LED Christmas Tree Part 2
By: woodturningwithtim1
November 25, 2017 · 10,965 views

By adding a few turnings to one another and stringing a cool series of LED lights through your turning, you'll create a great table-top holiday decoration (make extras, because they make great gifts!). Part 2 of 2. You can find instructional DVDs, Tim’s Tools and the Elbo Hollowing Tool on the Woodturning with Tim website: http://www.woodturningwithtim.com Please support our sponsors. Without them we could not bring you these videos. Robust Lathes: http://www.turnrobust.com/ I am a Robust dealer (which adds nothing to your costs) and I am more than happy to help you pick out and configure your new lathe. Thompson Lathe Tools: http://thompsonlathetools.com/ These are the finest, long lasting turning tools on the market. I have used them since our first shows on PBS.


Woodturning with Tim Yoder Classics-LED Christmas Tree Part 1
By: woodturningwithtim1
November 25, 2017 · 13,633 views

By adding a few turnings to one another and stringing a cool series of LED lights through your turning, you'll create a great table-top holiday decoration (make extras, because they make great gifts!). Part 1 of 2. You can find instructional DVDs, Tim’s Tools and the Elbo Hollowing Tool on the Woodturning with Tim website: http://www.woodturningwithtim.com Please support our sponsors. Without them we could not bring you these videos. Robust Lathes: http://www.turnrobust.com/ I am a Robust dealer (which adds nothing to your costs) and I am more than happy to help you pick out and configure your new lathe. Thompson Lathe Tools: http://thompsonlathetools.com/ These are the finest, long lasting turning tools on the market. I have used them since our first shows on PBS.


cedar Christmas tree
By: Rons Woodturning shop
November 23, 2017 · 1,041 views

Made me a Christmas tree using cedar with airbrushed highlights. Thanks you Rick Morris from Rick turns for the inspiration! It was fun.


How to Turn Christmas Trees - Sawdust Factory Woodturning
By: Josh Bayer
November 22, 2017 · 15,604 views

In this video we walk through how to turn Christmas trees from square spindle stock laying around the shop. This is a great project to 1. Build skill and practice your spindle turning technique 2. make some fun a creative gifts for friend and family around Christmas time. As you'll see in the video i can always use Spindle turning practice. if you enjoyed the video check out my channel for other wood turning videos and subscribe for my latest updates and videos.


Finishing the Bottom of a Wood Turned Bowl from A Faceplate Turned From An Ash Tree
By: Scott Parat
November 20, 2017 · 438 views

http://www.woodturningbasics.com/how-to-finish-a-wood-bowl-bottom/ How to finish a wood bowl turned from a faceplate. Learn how to finish a wood bowl turned on a woodlathe when on a faceplate. Take the bowl off the faceplate. Use a jam block to hold the bowl from the open side and use one of your turning tools to create a concave surface on the bottom of the bowl. Decide on whether you want to fill the holes from the screws. Add something like a ring created by a parting tool and then sand, start with 80 grit and go to at least 220 grit. Then apply the finish to the bottom of the bowl, use the same finish that was used with the rest of the bowl. finish wood bowl bottom, ash bowl bottom, finishing a faceplate bottom, how to finish wood bowl bowl bottom, finishing a woodturned bowl bottom, woodturning bowl bottom, #finish bowl bottom #ash bowl bottom #finishing a faceplate bottom #how to finish a wood bowl bottom #woodturning #woodturning bowl bottom finishing


Is There a Christmas Tree Hidden Inside That Log?
By: RickTurns
November 18, 2017 · 96,148 views

Searching through mountains of wood shavings, I successfully find a Christmas tree hidden inside a log! Warning! Do not attempt to hang this ornament on your own Christmas tree! The music during the close of the video, Happy Little Elves by Audionautix, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com


Tree Saver Green Wood Sealer Woodturning How-to
By: Craft Supplies USA
November 16, 2017 · 10,827 views

Protect unseasoned bowls against cracking with Tree Saver Green Wood Sealer. Shop now: https://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/p/45/6766/Tree-Saver-Green-Wood-Sealer?utm_source youtube&utm_medium description&utm_campaign videos Watch more product in-depth videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v ArYv4SuZaic&list PLel9nM3jaNJ6248yks4FHqNqFy55PJfFG - PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - Tree Saver Green Wood Sealer is a specially formulated PVA based material that protects unseasoned bowls against cracking while reducing drying time by up to 50% compared to popular wax base green wood sealers. Guaranteed to out


Wood Turning - A Yew Christmas Tree Goblet
By: Mike Waldt
November 13, 2017 · 6,206 views

I turn a Christmas Tree Goblet from a Yew log given to me my my old friend Baconsoda, thanks Brendan :) Harrogate Show Website: http://www.skpromotions.co.uk/ Yorkshire Grit: http://yorkshire-grit.com/ Hampshire Sheen: http://www.hampshiresheen.com/ Simon Hope: http://www.hopewoodturning.co.uk/ Makers Central YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJSr... Makers Central website: http://www.makerscentral.co.uk/ NZ Woodturning: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3-0...


How to make a Colored Pencil Tree Ornament
By: Myers Woodshop
November 12, 2017 · 8,203 views

I made some tree shaped colored pencil ornaments. Follow me through the process of how I make them. I used the xcarve to cut out foam mold the shape of a tree. I fill that mold with colored pencils. Then I pour resin in and wait 12 hours for the mold to harden. I take the mold to the band saw and cut out the tree shape. Finally, I slice the mold into thirds and attach the ribbon at the top. Items I used in this video: Epoxy Resin: http://amzn.to/2zmWbM1 Colored Pencils: http://amzn.to/2BjY1i3 CA Glue: http://amzn.to/2i0ZODJ Bandsaw Blade: http://amzn.to/2Bka1ju Bandsaw: http://amzn.to


Old World Santa and Tree
By: OJ Woodworking Crafts
November 12, 2017 · 276 views

These decorations are made with hackberry wood and dyed after turning. These are fore the christmas challenge put on by Carl Jacobson at https://www.youtube.com/user/haydenHD and Alan Stratton at https://www.youtube.com/user/AsWoodTurns. The challenge entries can be found at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list PL4W9FE566kZhgEBc221DEItUlGCVWd_7x I can be found on other social media at https://www.facebook.com/ojwoodworkingcrafts/ https://www.instagram.com/ojwoodworkingcrafts/ https://imgur.com/user/OJWoodworkingCrafts https://www.reddit.com/user/OJWoodworkingCrafts/ Shop for my items at https://www.etsy.com/shop/OJWoodworkingCrafts https://www.facebook.com/groups/texascrafts/ I would appreciate the support of you becoming a patron at https://www.patreon.com/ojwoodworkingcrafts Thanks for Watching!


Christmas Trees - painted and turned pine trees
By: Tod Raines
November 09, 2017 · 5,689 views

Produced by Tod Raines of Woodturning Tool Store on November 9, 2017 This video shows a simple way to make small Christmas trees for decorating. First is to turn a simple cone tree shape. Then paint and turn the fringed curls - this is why pine works best. Lastly is to turn and decorate the stem and foot and then part off. Make several at once and create a grouping of trees. Happy turning. Visit Woodturning Tool Store https://woodturningtoolstore.com Social media links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woodturningtoolstore Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tod.raines Google : https://plus.google.com/ TodRaines Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/traines64


Turning a Christmas tree #07
By: Made by Brent
October 31, 2017 · 94 views

Christmas time is coming so we need to get started on projects. This is one way that I turn christmas trees. It is a very fun project for just about any skill level.


Gnarly Christmas tree
By: Steve Krumanaker
October 29, 2017 · 1,177 views

A gnarly 'Christmas tree' ornament stand. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc USUAN1100270 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Angels We Have Heard by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?collection 004&page 1 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Bethlehem - Christmas by Kev


Turn Big Trees
By: wortheffort
September 19, 2017 · 19,558 views

The best material for wood turning solid items comes from large trees. Here are techniques for processing, storing and using larger trees to get the best material for your wood turning with limited tools.


Inside Out Christmas Ornament - Tree and Finials
By: As Wood Turns
August 18, 2017 · 4,883 views

http://www.AsWoodTurns.com In this video, I complete my inside out Christmas ornament. Last week, I turned the body; now I'll turn the interior tree for display, the finials, and everything else to complete the ornament. Last week, I noted that it could become a bell but I decided to stick to my original plan and only include a bell in the top finial. The top finial is about 1' long made from a tropical hardwood pen blank. The hanger is fine wire twisted around a drill bit and glued into the top finial. At the bottom of the globe is a walnut spacer. It serves dual purposes: 1) to visually


Inside out turning
By: Flat Land Mountain Man
December 30, 2016 · 1,382 views

Insideout turned Christmas tree ornament made of white cedar. Shane Anderson


Елочка на токарном (Tree on a lathe.)
By: Аleksey Bek
December 20, 2016 · 1,876 views

Видео о том, как можно сделать импровизированную елку на токарном станке. С наступающим Новым годом! Video about how to make a makeshift tree on a lathe. Happy New year!


Wood Turning a Small Christmas Tree Art Deco Style
By: SP Wood Art
December 18, 2016 · 712,455 views

This video shows the process I used to make a wooden art deco style small Christmas tree. Wood turning small trees is an excellent way to practice spindle work on a wood lathe. I hope you enjoy this video and Happy Holidays. If you would like see more of SP Wood Art visit us at: www.spwoodart.com Our Webpage www.facebook.com/spwoodart www.plus.google.com/ SPWoodArt1/about www.pinterest.com/spwoodart/ I strive to create handmade, high quality wood pieces (and sometimes, crafts using other mediums such as natural stone or acrylic) that connect to people on an emotional and functional level. Ea


Hand woodturning a Xmas tree ornament.
By: woodturner21
December 05, 2016 · 106,422 views

It's Kiln Dried Elm Ok! believe it or not all the time I have been turning I have never been asked to make a Xmas tree ornament. At 5.30pm I am just about to finish work after an eleven and half hour shift and a friend from the factory nextdoor walks in and says 'Can you make Christmas trees for an ornament?' I said watch me. So I put my overalls back on, placed the phone on the 2'x2' and turned one for the very first time straight off the cuff.


Wood Turned Xmas Tree Second Edit
By: Wesley Rolf
December 03, 2016 · 85 views

This is another video of my entry to the 2016 ornament challenge. I really was not happy with the first edit.


Turning an Ornament from Last Year's Tree (Christmas Ornament Challenge 2016)
By: Ben Barwick
November 30, 2016 · 347 views

I turn an ornament out of a section of last year's Christmas tree's trunk. The ornament was painted with acrylic paints, sanded to 600 grit, and finished with gloss poly. Want one of these turned from your own tree for your own? Click below: http://waystonewoodworks.com/from-tree-to-ornament/ If you like what I am doing check out my social media and website. If you are interested in purchasing an item, check out my website or etsy page below. You can also support me by using any of the 'Tools I Use' links below to purchase anything from Amazon: www.waystonewoodworks.com www.facebook.com/way


Spalted Beech Christmas Tree - Episode 41
By: Paul Lockwood
November 27, 2016 · 578 views

Following on from the Snowman in the previous project (#40) I decided to have a go at a Christmas Tree. This was done using spalted beech this time which I think suits the subject perfectly. A quick fun project which the piece was sanded to 320, two coats of Sanding Sealer, Yorkshire Grit and finally two coats of Woodwax22. Thoroughly recommed Yorkshire Grit! Website: www.yorkshire-grit.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yorkshire-Grit-1198311676855162/ Music River Went Dry (Instrumental) Follow The Road, Tick Tock and Evolution By Josh Woodward http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Josh_Woodward/ From The Free Music Archive http://freemusicarchive.org CC Attribution 4.0 International https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode Please Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJmcpalJi_xzP_iV3uXJj2w?sub_confirmation 1


Segmented Wood Christmas Tree Bell
By: SIS Woodworking
November 24, 2016 · 16,818 views

Segmented Wood Christmas Tree Ornaments. The design, cutting segments, glue up and turning in the lathe to produce small and highly decorated segmented wood bells which are used as Christmas Tree Ornaments. http://www.sisweb.com/wood


Como hacer un adorno pino navideño Torneado en madera
By: Wladimir Americo Rogers Esparza Rodriguez
November 13, 2016 · 1,116 views

En este vídeo se ejecuta un pequeño árbol ambientado a la temporada navideña, ademas consta con un pequeña forma para poder hacer un árbol partido en la mitad y que se vea totalmente exacto sin mas tema de explicación, espero que les guste el vídeo. -No olvides suscribirte para ver mas vídeos a futuro, Comenta si te gusto el vídeo.


Christmas tree ornament
By: OJ Woodworking Crafts
November 01, 2016 · 12 views

Handcrafted christmas tree shaped ornament made from maple and walnut. Can be ordered at http://www.ojwooworkingcrafts.etsy.com #ojwoodworking


ÎžÏ…Î»Î¿Ï„Î¿Ï Î Î¿Ï‚ - κΠτΠσκευη Ï‡Ï Î ÏƒÏ„Î¿Ï…Î Î ÎµÎ Î Î Ï„Î ÎºÎ¿Ï… Î ÎµÎ Ï„Ï Î¿Ï… - woodturning an Xmas tree card holder
By: Kostas Annikas Deftereos
December 24, 2015 · 1,407 views

Σε αυτο το βίντεο θα δείτε ένα χαρούμενο project για το πως φτιάχνουμε ενα χριστουγεννιάτικο δέντρο stand επαγγελματικής καρτας στον ξυλότορνο. Θα ήθελα επίσης να ευχηθώ σε όλους σας καλά Χριστούγεννα σε εσάς και την οικογένειά σας. Ας είναι το Ξεκίνημα της Νέας Χρονιάς αφετηρία μίας δημιουργικής εποχής. Χρόνια πολλά!!


Woodturning a Small Christmas Tree... with a surprise ending!
By: Jerry Paul
December 14, 2015 · 4,647 views

Yesterday I cut a small branch knuckle from a Mountain Ash log that has been sitting in the shop for a while. Not wanting it to go to waste, and thinking I could turn a small item from it, I chucked it up in the lathe and went at it. I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out to be a pleasant little surprise.


Christmas Tree 2015
By: Jeremy Edwards
November 30, 2015 · 435 views

Christmas Tree made from Lignum Vitae and Bloodwood.


My Fun Christmas Ornament Challenge 2015 Christmas Tree
By: Turning Round
November 25, 2015 · 1,028 views

This is my Christmas Ornament for the 2015 Christmas Ornament challenge. I made a Christmas tree from some walnut and Alumilite casting. It was a great project and was fun to do. Here is a link to my Ornament from 2014. https://youtu.be/-5s9ECJWb1s Here is a link to the 2015 Ornament Challenge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v F0ssrYgQriE Here is the link for all Ornaments http://www.aswoodturns.com/challenges...


The Blind Wood Turner - Episode 44 - A Christmas Tree For A Friend
By: Blind Woodturner
November 21, 2015 · 1,753 views

In this episode, I make a Christmas tree ornament in padauk for friend and Speed of Sight colleague, Nicola. *** Join me, Chris Fisher, the Blind Wood Turner, in my workshop. I started out in life as a regular guy, working in auto body repair at BMW, until one day, completely out of the blue, a rare virus (Toxoplasmosis) reared its ugly head and caused me to lose my sight in a matter of weeks. Despite the challenges of coming to terms with losing my sight, I refused to give up and, after four years I decided to take up woodturning so that I could make myself a vampire stake – I’m a huge ho


Wood turning a Christmas Tree
By: Tommy Akridge Designs
November 18, 2015 · 24,522 views

Making a Christmas tree from Live Oak


2015 Christmas Ornament Challenge #1 Pine Branch Christmas Tree
By: H F Bowern Designs - Harold Bowern
November 11, 2015 · 1,609 views

Welcome back to the channel. Well here is my first entry for this years 'Christmas Ornament Challenge' put on by Carl Jacobson and Allan Stratton. It is a Christmas tree made from a pine tree branch. Finished with acrylic paints to give it the festive colours and decorated with the small ball shaped pieces form a Christmas decoration I picked up at my local craft store. I hope you like my little tree. Thank you Carl and Allan for setting up the challenge. Thanks again for watching. If you like this video, please click the 'Like' button. If haven't already don't forget to click the 'Su


Wood Turned Christmas Tree Ornament #21
By: Tommy Akridge Designs
November 09, 2015 · 10,894 views

Ornament Challenge 2015


How to Make Two Christmas Trees On The Lathe
By: The Russian Woodworker
November 09, 2015 · 869 views

In this video I turn a piece of olive wood and a piece of walnut into two beautiful mini Christmas tree ornaments for the 4th annual Christmas tree ornament challenge. Enjoy. 2014 Christmas Ornament Challenge https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Enter Your Ornament at www.AsWoodTurns.com/Challenges The song is Force by Alan Walker from NCS: http://nocopyrightsounds.co.uk/video/alan-walker-force-ncs-release/ Official Challenge Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list PL4W9FE566kZgvJVxPKGpzOJOkOQ_goWjd


Making a Holiday Tree (Short Build Video from Monday's Discussion)
By: wortheffort
November 06, 2015 · 2,671 views

I was asked to just cut out the build part of Monday's Lunch Discussion. So here it is. Turning one of our staple products during the holiday season. Sometimes in hyper mode.


Making a Tree (the meta way) - A Monday Lunch Discussion 11-2-15
By: wortheffort
November 05, 2015 · 3,519 views

In this weeks 'lunch discussion' we talk about our holiday staple product, some prototype boxes, averaging out weekly art market sales, deciding what's a good fit in the art markets you patronize and we replaced our normal tool technique tip with a build video. We also explain the cool upcoming build we're working on.


A Steampunk Dirigible Christmas Tree Ornament
By: RickTurns
October 25, 2015 · 4,618 views

It's not too late to turn Christmas tree ornaments! Join me during this festive holiday season in the traditional pastime of turning a steampunk Christmas tree ornament. Nothing says 'Christmas' like a fantastical object being hauled through the sky by unbelievable power sources. Music by audionautix.com


Wood Turning a Crab Apple Tree Ornament
By: Jerry Paul
October 22, 2015 · 8,878 views

Another ornament to add to my growing collection. I'm having a lot of fun turning these. This time I'm turning a tree. ... I didn't do this one in high speed this time.


A Candlestick Christmas Tree Ornament
By: RickTurns
October 10, 2015 · 4,218 views

Turn an old-fashioned candlestick Christmas tree ornament, out of a few scraps of wood and wire.


An Aluminum Christmas Tree Ornament
By: RickTurns
September 25, 2015 · 7,461 views

Turn a shiny Christmas tree ornament out of aluminum! It's not expensive, it's not hard, and you'll have a unique ornament for your tree.


A Weedpot Christmas Tree Ornament
By: RickTurns
September 18, 2015 · 3,102 views

With only a small scrap of wood and some dried or artificial flowers, you can make a really nice Christmas tree ornament.


Trees & Clay BarWare
By: treesandclay
August 30, 2015 · 2,796 views

The first in a series of videos highlighting a new line of products. More videos to come...


3 Colores Wall Street II
By: Levier Fine writing Instruments
June 02, 2015 · 522 views

Levier presenta su nuevo proyecto y Obra de Arte. La Pluma 3 colores Wall Street se ha convertido en un clasico Disponible via info.levier@gmail.com


Christmas Tree Ornament - Woodturners POV
By: Peter Macgregor
December 20, 2014 · 152 views

Getting in the festive spirit with a quick silver birch Christmas tree. Shot using a GoPro Hero 3 to show what a turner see's at the Lathe.


last-minute Weihnachtsgeschenk [HD]
By: Tiroler Drechsler
December 18, 2014 · 15,880 views

Für alle die noch kein kleines aber schönes Geschenk für ihre Liebsten haben. Und riechen tut das Zirbenholz auch noch gut. ________________________________________ Kamera: Sony Xperia Go Have fun! \( _ )


More Chrristmas Trees & Snowmen
By: BMac Woodturning
December 05, 2014 · 7,049 views

Welcome to my new channel. I will put all my future turning related videos here but there will be a playlist of turning videos on my 'baconsoda' channel. If you would like to see those please use the link to the playlist below. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list PLBLi8giCKnnpB8dC8lEd8gXcKOE78R-Pt


'To Make Christmas' - Axminster Christmas Advert 2014
By: Axminster Tools & Machinery
December 02, 2014 · 5,119 views

#MakeChristmas with Axminster Tools & Machinery. For more info and to buy products used in the video http://www.axminster.co.uk/make-christmas Music written for Axminster Tools & Machinery. Songwriter Steve Black. Performed by Steve Black and Alan West. NEO Music. www.steveblackmusic.co.uk www.alanwest.co.uk www.neo-music.net


Turning a Christmas Tree Ornament
By: Brad Vietje
November 29, 2014 · 64,319 views

This video shows how to turn a Christmas Tree ornament. Involves off-center, multi-axis turning, and many how-to tips.


Making Christmas Tree Ornaments and Decorations
By: Abston Wood Crafts
November 29, 2014 · 45 views

People everywhere set up various types of decorations and add enough ornaments to their trees to leave Santa scratching his head. A very unique way of decorating your tree and your home is to use ornaments and other decorations you made yourself. When your friends and family come over, those decorations will quickly become the center of conversation. https://www.etsy.com/shop/AbstonWoodCrafts?ref hdr_shop_menu


Christmas tree off centre
By: Mauro il tornitore
November 14, 2014 · 1,052 views

A Christmas tree of oak wood for my second contribution to the Christmas Ornament Challenge issued by Alan Stratton and Carl Jacobson.


Turning Three Christmas Tree Ornaments - Acorn, Rolling Pin, Wine Bottle
By: RickTurns
November 05, 2014 · 11,629 views

Woodturning: turn three kinds of Christmas tree ornaments - acorn, rolling pin, and wine bottle. This video is one of several in which I turn quick and easy Christmas ornaments. The three ornaments in this video can be turned in 10 minutes or less, take only one small piece of wood, and make great Christmas trinkets to give to family and friends. Music courtesy of audionautix.com


Christmas Tree Ornament
By: Cody W
November 02, 2014 · 1,517 views

This is my submission to this years Christmas Ornament competition. It is a tree on top with the reflection of the tree in the snow .


Simple Christmas Tree For Woodturning Challenge
By: As Wood Turns
October 30, 2014 · 6,781 views

http://www.AsWoodTurns.com Here's a link to the challenge playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list PL4W9FE566kZjS-v6DgI9EtV21F5gefkVZ I wanted to turn a simple project for the Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. I decided to turn a Christmas tree that did not require hollowing or any complex setup. This tree is in two parts: tree and its base. The base is optional but I think it anchors and helps define the tree. The tree is maple from a friend's tree. I had turned this piece of wood into a small billet or round over a year ago to use for projects of this type. The base is walnut scrap from another project. Both are finished with shellac friction polish. Please enjoy this year's Christmas Ornament Woodturning Challenge. Enter your email at http://www.AsWoodTurns.com & I'll let you know when the next easy woodturning project video is ready. Blog: http://www.AsWoodTurns.com FB: http://www.Facebook.com/AsWoodTurns


Turning an Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Ornament
By: RickTurns
October 26, 2014 · 5,277 views

Woodturning: turn an ice cream cone Christmas tree ornament. This video is one of several in which I turn quick and easy Christmas ornaments. These ornaments can be turned in 15 minutes or less, take only one small piece of wood, and make great Christmas trinkets to give to family and friends. I 'mass produce' a lot of these each year for small Christmas gifts. Music courtesy of FromFreexmasmpe.com


Turning a Lighthouse Christmas Tree Ornament
By: RickTurns
October 23, 2014 · 34,981 views

Woodturning: turn a lighthouse Christmas tree ornament. This video is one of several in which I turn quick and easy Christmas ornaments. These ornaments can be turned in 15 minutes or less, take only one small piece of wood, and make great Christmas trinkets to give to family and friends. I 'mass produce' a lot of these each year for small Christmas gifts. Music courtesy of Audionautix.com


Snowman Ornament: 2014 Festival of Trees-Worland, Wy
October 23, 2014 · 5,491 views

Sam Angelo makes a turned snowman Christmas ornament that will be part of the Festival of trees fundraiser in Worland, Wy


Turning a Flying Saucer Christmas Tree Ornament
By: RickTurns
October 18, 2014 · 13,925 views

Woodturning: this is another video of one of the Christmas ornaments I turn each year. In this case, it's a flying saucer Christmas tree ornament.


Turning a Christmas Tree Light Ornament
By: RickTurns
October 16, 2014 · 4,054 views

Woodturning: turn a Christmas tree ornament in the shape of a 1960's-vintage Christmas tree light bulb. This video is one of several in which I turn quick and easy Christmas ornaments. These ornaments can be turned in 15 minutes or less, take only one small piece of wood, and make great Christmas trinkets to give to family and friends. I 'mass produce' a lot of these each year for small Christmas gifts. A text article on turning this ornament and two others can be found in the October issue of the Highland Woodturner, at this address: http://www.highlandwoodworking.com/woodturning-tips-1410oct/project/quick-and-easy-turned-christmas-ornaments.html


Wood Turning a Christmas Tree
By: Martin's Bazaar
September 25, 2014 · 12,773 views

In this video, you can see how I turned an Ash Christmas Tree as a decorative ornament. Follow me on these social networks: www.facebook.com/martinsbazaar www.twitter.com/martinsbazaar www.instagra


Fir Bough Christmas Tree Orn
By: Paul Crabtree
August 30, 2014 · 303 views

Lathe Hollowing Tool, HK-50A 'Hollowing King'. Making a Christmas Tree Ornament from a Fir Bough. The boughs have very different wood texture than the trees them selves.


Wood turning a decorative tree
By: Andrew Stevens
June 27, 2014 · 148 views

I turn a decorative tree using only a skew chisel. The wood I used is chestnut. My folksy shop: www.aswoodcrafts.folksy.com


021 [EN] TGIF-Christmas Tree
By: PeteTGIF
December 18, 2013 · 707 views

I made this Christmas Tree using a dry piece of beech. To get a better result you should use green wood as it gives longer shavings. -- But as always, I didn't have it. Next time I'll use a piece of birch, which will be easily found in the woods around here. Music by Kevin McLeod, http://www.incompetech.com Lizenz Creative Commons 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.de and YouTube


Wood Turning - A Christmas Tree
By: Mike Waldt
December 16, 2013 · 38,125 views

I turn a Christmas Tree from a piece of Oak Burl.


2012-08-09 Laminated Turned Christmas Tree Ornaments by Bill Baker (1h18m47s)
By: Gwinnett Woodworkers
May 13, 2013 · 13,607 views

Turning SIG 08-09-12 GWA Member Bill Baker demonstrates his techniques in creating laminated, turned Christmas tree ornaments. From glue-up to finished, finial-applied ornament, Bill relates his methods, materials, tools and techniques, including Q&A. Full Video (1:18:47) Filmed and uploaded in HD.


Christmas tree ornaments
By: Wood4turning
December 22, 2012 · 709 views

Lathe turned wood ornaments


Woodturning A Christmas Tree Ornament
By: As Wood Turns
December 14, 2012 · 7,223 views

http://www.AsWoodTurns.com This woodturning is made of apricot about 5' tall and 1 1/2' in diameter. The tree branches are painted with acryllic paint. The entire tree is finished with lacquer. The ornament has a handmade brass hanger. The branches were turned off axis. Three additional centers were marked on the base at 60 degree angles and about 3/8' from the true center. The turning axis was shifted to the first off center axis to turn a groove at every third mark along the tree. Then the turning axis was shifted to the second off center axis to turn a groove at every third mark along the t


Woodturning Projects Turning a Christmas Tree
By: ThisWoodwork
December 14, 2012 · 26,303 views

Turning a homemade christmas decoration the shape of a christmas tree- turned from a log. To see the finished tree visit my website: http://thiswoodwork.com Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod: http://incompetech.com/ for the music used in this video. woodturning woodturned christmas xmas trees tree decoration decorating howto woodworking thiswoodwork teenwoodworker alex harris


Turning snowmen and family next to christmass tree
By: Wood4turning
November 30, 2012 · 354 views

Wood turning


Making Christmas Tree Ornaments
By: Lamar Sineath
December 13, 2011 · 1,860 views

We made Christmas ornaments from a piece of split two by four. A wood snowman and some christmas trees. Special thanks to Brian Havens for showing me this.


2011 GWA Upside Down Christmas Tree Project (6m22s)
By: Gwinnett Woodworkers
November 06, 2011 · 5,699 views

Original Date 10-22-11 For 2011 the GWA in partnership with our host Peachtree Woodworking combined efforts to produce over 200 hand-made wooden ornaments for an Upside-Down Christmas tree, to be auctioned to benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in a special Holiday Auction. This slideshow offers both detailed images of the ornaments and the tree being dressed in its Christmas finery. More info about the auction on ptreeusa.com Music: 'The Christmas Waltz' by Nancy Wilson 'The Nutcracker Suite' by Les Brown & His Band of Renown from the Ultra-Lounge Christmas Cocktails Full Video (6:22) Filmed and uploaded in HD.


Christmas Tree Topper
By: woodturningwithtim1
October 15, 2011 · 9,802 views

Tim Yoder shows you how to turn your very own Christmas Tree topper. But not only is it a topper...it's 3 projects all rolled in to one! This new DVD is available now on his website www.woodturningwithtim.com


December 19, 2010 · 30,394 views



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