March 2017

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Woodturning Tip of the Day

Plugging a void

When turning rather rustic wood (lots of bark, cracks and knotholes) I often will encounter a major void, especially when the heartwoods begin to dry and shrink. The quickest way to fill these is actually with a piece of natural cork, like the ones that come from a wine bottle. It's flexible, fits snugly, and will accept both a stain and a finish. Last week I had a knothole fly out, and in two minutes I had it patched and ready to continue without waiting for glue to dry. Truth is, it looks like the original knot!

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Featured Turning Video

Dress for Safety
by Larry Sefton

In this video, Larry reviews the important safety considerations for working on the lathe. Larry was the past president of the Mid-South Woodturners Guild and is a Safety Consultant for a major insurance company. This is a great refresher and one not to miss.

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Featured Turning Project

Turning a textured egg
by Larry Hancock

Easter will be here before you know it! We wanted to run this project so that you could get a head start.

In this photo tutorial, Larry shows us how to make an egg, then he uses the Sorby texturing tool to add interesting patterns to the eggs and finally he uses color to brighten up the turning.

Larry's eggs are turned to egg shape only on the top. He turns the bottom into a stand to hold up the egg. It makes the egg stand on end, very clever!

An alternative to Larry's stand is to turn an egg cup, click here to see a tutorial on how to turn it.

Turn an Egg Cup

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Featured Turning Article

Planning and Presenting a Successful Demonstration
by Frank B. Penta

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