January 2017

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Featured Turning Video

Turned Flashlight Cover
by Carl Jacobson

Now that it is winter in the northern hemisphere and sunset is occurring so early each day, we've been using flashlights a lot. In this video, Carl shows us how he turns a two-piece flashlight cover out of wood. I think that it's a great idea to cover the metal with wood and Carl does his usual great job.

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Featured Turning Project

Turning a Suspended Bowl (with cover)
by Bob Hamilton

In this pictorial tutorial, Bob shows us how to make a bowl that is suspended above the table top by its four legs! In addition, he created a lid to fit the bowl. The final result is a stunning covered bowl.

One of the things that makes this project interesting is that it addresses a traditional woodworking concern: "How do you deal with short grain in a structural component?". Bob does a great job addressing this issue which will help you to understand it not only for this project for future ones too!

This project is a real turning adventure as part way though the exercise, Bob's tenon breaks on his bowl (which does happen) and Bob shows how he recovers! We like real life projects and the learning that can be gained from them. This is one that fits that bill.

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Featured Turning Article

Mobile Lathe Cabinet
by Jay Bates

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New and Hot
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Happy 15th Anniversary

We are excited to be celebrating our 15th year anniversary.

In celebration, we are releasing a brand-new look and feel for the website. We have been working hard to make Woodturning Online more attractive and easier to use. The biggest change you will see is a new, consolidated menu bar, now located across the top of the page, with tabs for sections and drop-down menus. We have also added a user-friendly search function for the new section on videos and we have done lots of consolidating, renaming, and moving of sections. Thanks to those who contributed to our 2016 fundraising campaign which helped make this redesign possible.

We have also made significant improvements to the pages about all of you: the turner websites, the club websites, our advertisers, and the turning schools listings. For instance, you will see snapshots of websites beside names, buttons to take you to vendors’ new products, and icons letting you know more about individual turners (such as whether they teach or have a blog/Facebook page).

Take a minute to explore the site. We think you’ll like it!

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Woodcraft Specials
Prices good from:
December 26, 2016 - January 26, 2017

SuperNova Chuck

On Sale for only $129.99

Save $60

Price normally $189.99

The newest evolution of the classic Nova Chuck is finally available - the SuperNova2! The package includes 50mm jaw set, T-bar, Allen wrenches, woodworm screw, and manual.

Click here for more info or to purchase

Abranet Turner's Sanding Pack

On Sale for only $39.99

Save $12

Price normally $51.99

Woodcraft and Mirka have developed this Woodturner’s Sanding Pack to provide a name brand abrasive for one our best selling items. Mirka Abranet is renowned as a multi-functional sanding material combining high performance and long lifespan. The Sanding Pack takes a project from a tool finish to a matte surface. Contains 5 rolls at 3/4" wide: one each of 180, 240, 320, 400 & 500 grit.

Click here for more info or to purchase

Dust Nozzle 12" x 16" With Floor Stand

On Sale for only $74.99

Save $20

Price normally $94.99

Capture dust at the source and send it directly into your dust collection system. With an adjustable stand and articulating head, you can easily position this hood at any machine in your shop. Sanding or power carving? Set it up right beside your work area for a dust free environment. The steel pedestal adjusts from 27" to 47" and locks in place. The hood is made of durable plastic with a 15-3/4" wide and 11-3/4" high opening and a 4" vacuum hose connection.

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