November 2017

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Woodturning Tip of the Day

Dress for Safety

* Flying wood chips can cause serious injuries to the eyes and face. Wear safety goggles that also provide side protection * When having to work with loud machinery such as a power saw, wear ear protection to save hearing. * Pull back long hair from the face, tie it up and secure it under a cap or scarf so it can not get tangled up in the machinery or obscure vision. * Wear clothing that is well fitted since as baggy clothing may get snagged on equipment. No jewelry should be worn, especially rings, loose fitting bracelets, or watches. Men should never wear ties as they can get caught by rotating pieces. Smocks featuring Velcro sleeves and collars prevent snagging and keep dust out while providing unrestricted movement of the upper body. * Heavy tools can and will fall on the feet. Avoid wearing open toe shoes or sandals and stick with safety shoes. * Woodturning can send up a lot of dust that can settle into the lungs and cause respiratory problems. Always wear a dust mask when sanding or tuning wood. Some face shields on the market now include filters capable of cleansing the air before it is inhaled.

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Featured Turning Video

Woodturning with Tim Yoder-Bow Tie Part 1
by Tim Yoder

Tim shows you how to 'tie one on'...not that...a Bow Tie! Using Curly Maple and Purpleheart and several mounting techniques Tim makes a bow tie you would be proud to wear to any event.

This video is part 1 and you can see part 2 at this link:

Click here to watch the video

Featured Turning Project

The Toy Soldier's Wife
by Dennis Daudelin

In this project tutorial, I show you how I turned a piece of 2x4x8 construction lumber for our annual club meeting. The toy soldier's wife was turned to match the toy soldier that I had turned earlier. The turning is over 1 foot tall and has multiple parts making for an interesting turning. It was also painted with acrylic paint to complete the design. 

This tutorial was originally published in More Woodturning Magazine in the May 2017 edition.

Click here to get the project.

Featured Turning Article

Thin Stem Turning
by Alan Carter

Click here to get the article.

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